Moshi Moshi

March 3, 2010

The lovely Harumi

If your a budding cook chances are you have a chef/cook you admire. For me its Harumi Kurihara, she fuelled the flames of my obsession with cooking good Japanese food at home. My husband bought me one of her books, I had never heard of her before but her book blew me away and made me realise how easy Japanese home cooking is. If we have any cash to spare we look each other in the eye and declare ‘Sushi’ its our little luxury as a couple.

Soon after we moved to Germany I discovered a wealth of Japanese red lantern cafe’s in Dusseldorf, it has the biggest expat Japanese community in Europe. I assumed Sushi was the main food served in the dark lacquered wood eateries, although it remains a firm favourite I soon discovered a wealth of food. Udon noodles are now a staple in our house as our Soba noodles. Yakitori Chicken is amazing and so simple to make and I make sushi at home which the kids love! Now I’m back in the UK its  a lot harder to get hold of ingredients (no more Japanese delis and supermarkets) but here is a recipe you can easily try at home. They are both inspired by Harumi and our life in Germany, my twist to yakitori is the ginger and the accompanying rice dish is my own recipe.

Yakitori Chicken

6 Chicken Thighs  (just cut away from the bone and its cheaper than breast) Try Bransbury  Park Butchers or Buckwells in Osborne Road.


Dark Soya Sauce (Kikkoman is an awesome japanese sauce)

Caster sugar

grated fresh ginger

  • cut the chicken into bite size pieces and pop in a bowl.
  • grate a small piece of ginger.
  • mix the ginger with 6 tablespoons of soya sauce and 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • stir into the chicken and leave to marinatedfor 30 mins or all day if you like in the fridge!
  • thread onto skewers, if you don’t have any just grill or pan fry the pieces.
  • I cook mine in a lightly oiled griddle pan, but on the BBQ is awesome or under your grill for a few minutes on each side until the chicken is browned and the sauce is sticky.

Cucumber and radish with sticky rice.

Radish is a staple in Japanese cuisine, whether its pickled or grated raw it can a clean and crunchy texture.

Sushi rice (one cup)

Half a Cucumber sliced in thin ribbons with a potato peeler

6 grated radishes

seseme seeds toasted

Rice wine vinegar (if you cant find this use white wine vinegar)

  • Cook the rice according to pack instructions and leave to cool
  • whilst the rice is cooking prepare the vegetables and toast the seeds in a hot dry frying pan.
  • now combine the ingredients in a serving bowl and toss through the toasted seeds and vegetables.
  • Sprinkle with rice wine vinegar to add a delicate sharpness

This dish will really compliment the sweetness of the Yakitori and looks really pretty.

These recipes are so easy to make and prepare and bring a taste of Japan into your home and you can source the meat and vegetables locally too!


2 Responses to “Moshi Moshi”

  1. Sarah said

    Hello! Have you ever been here:
    It’s at Piccadilly Circus in London and is fab. You can also buy everything via the website, so it’s good for hard to find in Southsea cooking supplies!

  2. Thanks it looks awesome I’m gonna have to oder some stuff for Katsu Curry!

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