Home Grown

March 4, 2010

My patch.

This was my veg patch in October 2009, I had just planted all the things that could survive winter. Well we certainly had a very cold one and they did survive. Now Spring is on its way so it will soon be time to harvest the winter veg and start preparing the soil for new crops. I have been putting it off all week but have deciced to don my gloves today and get out there. I still have a massive bed down the side of the garden that needs clearing, oh well.

I have 2 types of cabbage, broad beans, red onions and some very strong garlic which is not far off harvesting. I must admit out of all the above the thing that least excites me is cabbage, so why did I plant so much? The solution will be to palm it off to friends and family (not quite the same as recieving a bag of home grown strawberries or toms is it?) and start learning and creating some new cabbage recipe’s. Which in turn will result in my husband creating an unpleasent ‘atmosphere’ under the duvet.

Heres a little recipe the hubby and I came up with.

Shanghai Steak and greens

Serves 2

1 Sirloin Steak

Shredded Cabbage, as much as you like!

1 red chilli

3 Spring Onions cut into strips

2 tbs Oyster sauce and 4 tbs Soy sauce

Sesame oil

a little sugar

  • Cut the steak into strips and combine in a bowl with the Oyster sauce, half the soy sauce and a spirinkle of sugar.
  • Heat your pan and coat in sesame oil.
  • pop in the chilli, spring onion and greens and stir fry. If you like your greens crispy then a couple of minutes will suffice.
  • Now add your steak with its dressing, stir fry quickly so the steak is medium rare, it will be lovely and melt in the mouth.

Serve the steak and greens on a bed of rice noodles.


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