Goes well with…..

March 14, 2010

Often you come across a jar of something which seems indispensible with your lunch and dinner. Recently it was Chillirissa from the ‘The Chilli Jam Company’. I really enjoyed it on toast with goats cheese and ham for about 3 days in a row, my husband found this gross but I loved it. I think pickles and preserves are a personal preference, too sweet,spicy,sour we all have our favourites. I don’t like piccalilli but the other half does.

One thing I love is red onion marmalade, its great with cheese on toast, sausages, in sandwiches, yummy with tuna and salads, oh the list is endless.

A pot of R/O Marmalade also makes a lovely gift presented in a kilner jar, Julian Graves in Palmerston Road sell them cheaply. Just finish with a hand tied label and maybe include some posh cheese as part of the gift. Check out Hampshire Cheeses for a special foodie treat, mmmm cheese.

tunworth cheese, made in Hampshire

Im off to make some R/O Marmalade to take to my Mums today, just some tinkering with the recipe and I will post it up asap!


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